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lundi 3 décembre 2012



Screenplay by ABDALLAH BADIS

This project had a categorical appeal among the commission members in its first presentation. Now in the finalized orientation and visual aims, it is still a very notable and original project. The story is credible, the fictive elements quite resonating and the narrative scope engendering many significant details that add up to the viewer, whether Algerian or global in references and walks of life.

It is quite notable how the Algerian reality, monstrous that it is in terms of contemporary history, would be fined through the interplay of present and past and reconcile the Algerians in particular to their sense of Algerian identity, to own it, to embrace Algeria in this documented form, through the plight of a protagonist, by resolve, more than self-indulgence. Furthermore, the global viewer would find in this display, the deliberation of Providence into the individual blueprint and would take from it charge and echo into their personal life.

Structurally, it satisfies the engaging necessity of a feature and it progresses thematically and visually in such an overwhelming way. This is obviously again the work of a very delicate and mastering filmmaker. The project promises to be visually and thematically admirable adding to its credence that arises from a state of suffering and projected into flourish, though not bombast, intimately significant and blossoming.

Courage to the filmmaker to finalize this film. To wait for.

DFI Reading Committee
Nov 16, 2012

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